rooster chicks

Drink & Farm #15 - Buttholes Have Skin

Sam & Bev discuss container gardening and critter issues, Bev builds something (sort of), herbs for chickens, vegetarian fed omnivores, the new selfies, being open minded, making time to create efficiency, more about the Naperville Alefest, and what hatcheries do with rooster chicks.

Our chat about vegetarian fed omnivores needs follow up. Be sure and check out the links in the show notes to see the varying opinions on this matter, and watch out for a minisode ALL about our follow up on the subject next week. In the meantime, let us know what you think in the infamous Facebook group. 


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Show Notes:

Rooster crowing was recorded by Shelley and can be found here. Goat Bleating was recorded by and can be found here. Both used under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0. 

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