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Drink & Farm #77 - Well Mannered Pig Child

Sam moved Hamlet the mini-pig from the house to the barn! She and Bev discuss how Sam knew it was time, deep dive into normal mini-pig behavior, how they communicate, their mannerisms, and go through the steps recommended to make the move from indoor pig to barn pig without causing trauma. They also discuss a crowing roosting that was sued, avian leukosis, a murderous rooster, and a vegan that sued her neighbor for barbecuing.


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Show Notes:

Drink & Farm #06 - So Much Animal Genitalia

We know what you're thinking. This is an episode where Bev and Sam get drunk and giggle about animal private parts. WRONG. We have a very dignified discussion about male pigs, and some unfortunate side effects that occur when they are sexually maturing.....while living in your house. They also discuss planting blueberry bushes, their favorite college football teams, how chickens and ducks procreate, giving goats their CD&T shots and trimming hooves, poultry lice, and Sam makes a lot of goat noises. They feel like it goes without saying you probably shouldn't listen to this episode with tiny humans, but hey, we aren't going to tell you how to raise your kids because there's definitely more than one right way to do it.

Show Notes:

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