Drink & Farm Minisode #02 - Drink & Lime

Sam & Bev  conduct their first interview with Jessica from First Saturday Lime! Not only will you learn some history about this small, family run business, but you'll learn how this totally safe, organic, pest control product can be used all over your farm and home, how it is different from hydrated lime, what it does best, and what fun plans they have for lime and their company. Jessica tells us her most hilarious farm story, and asks an important question many new chicken keepers have, but are too embarrassed to ask. You've seen the product all over social media, buckle up, and enjoy this hilariously informative interview Drink & Farm style.


  • This episode is brought to you by First Saturday Lime. Go to www.firstsaturdaylime.com and use code #drink to save 10% off your purchase EVERY time you lime 

Show Notes:

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