Drink & Farm Minisode #06 - Drink With @Country_Fried_Tina

Sam & Bev chat with Shannon from @Country_Fried_Tina on Instagram about how she discovered Marek's disease in her chicken flock, and how she's managing it.

This episode is lovingly dedicated in Tina's memory. You can learn a lot from a little chicken.

Show Notes:

How Shannon Managed Marek's in Her Flock:

**For My Flock **
Fresh clean water daily
Ice treats on hot days
- added treats of grubblies or scrambled eggs
- vitamins and oregano
Free ranging often

10 drops colloidal silver into their water twice monthly .

Herbs! Added to their foods! I like herbin backyards

**Tina's ❤️ (rest in peace sweet girl)

Vitamins B12, vitamin e , selenium
(Capsules sold over the counter .. I'd mix contents together into her yogurt and give 2xs daily)

Poly-vi-sol {without iron) 1 dropperful daily

Added oregano, herbs (herbin' backyards herbs worked great for me) into her food.

HYDRATION is so important! I always watered down her food because she had hard time getting to her water bowl.

Also-- I alternated between these two every 4 hours ...

Colloidal silver 10ppm ten drops in her food.

Hypericum 30x two tablets dissolved into a shot glass of distilled water. I'd give 6 drops into food.

Alternate colloidal silver and hypericum (st johns wart) every 4 hours. Can also give on bread!

**Again I am no doctor and went off of recommendations and some research and I really feel it's the reason she stayed with me so long.

Good luck to anyone dealing with this disease.
XO Shannon


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